The Jimdo Sessions Episode 7 - Support at Github with Mike Adolphs

This time Mike ‘fooforge’ Adolphs from Github honored us with a visit. He is one of the Github Enterprise developers. He lives pretty close to our HQ in Hamburg, at least on the scale all the remote githubbers. We met Mike at the “Github from Scratch” Open Tech School workshop which a fellow Jimdude organized and also some of us helped as a coach. We quickly figured out it would be great to get to know each other better. So we invited him to see our offices and try our awesome lunch at ‘Chez Sam’.

As with every other visit we also planned this one with a lunch, but unfortunately Mike had to pass because of stomach issues, so he had to come back another day. Afterwards we reorganized our kitchen / meeting space so that Mike could take the stage to tell us a bit about support at Github Enterprise.

Jimdo and Github support exchanging ideas
Jimdo and Github support exchanging ideas

For us this was a very special Jimdo Session because it was the first on which was not only directed to developers but also for our Supporters. As Jimdo runs a support-intensive business we have quite a bunch of support people at Jimdo. Did you know that not only Jimdo is available in 12 different languages but that we also offer support in 12 different languages?

But why hold a tech-talk about support? Well there is a pretty obvious reason for that. Mike was an operations engineer his entire working life. He also told me that he’d never imagined that he would do support one day. But he said for Github he was willing to try it, and he also stated that it’s quite a lot of fun. So he offered us to give us some insights to how Github (Enterprise) runs their support.

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Ole Michaelis Open Source Rockstar, @CodeStars

Ole began at Jimdo in December 2012, where he's referred to as "O Captain My Software Captain!" He has a wide range of interests as a developer (system architecture, deployment, and more), and he loves attending tech conferences, where his favorite thing to do is spread the word about Jimdo.