The Jimdo Sessions Episode 11 - AngularJS with Robin Böhm

Time for another episode of The Jimdo Sessions. A few weeks ago, Robin Böhm visited us in our office in Hamburg. He's well known for having written the first German AngularJS book, which is already successful. At this point, we'd also like to thank him for sending us a copy. It's a great introduction to AngularJS, and if you prefer German books over English ones or you are just curious about what Robin has to share, make sure to check it out.

But enough of this, so we invited him to our office to share his thoughts about the expert levels of AngularJS. Because at Jimdo, we already use AngularJS in the latest parts (we will share details when we have released that thingy). Of course, we also recorded his talk, so you can also enjoy it now. So here you go:

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The Jimdo Sessions Episode 9 - elasticsearch with Alexander Reelsen

Wow, it’s the 9th Jimdo Session already. We came up with this thing really unintentionally, but everyone liked the format so we decided to keep it. For this edition Alexander Reelsen from Elasticsearch joined us for a Friday, together with his two colleagues, Britta (Machine Learning expert) und Honza (author of The Python Client).

We met him at the Developers Conference Hamburg 2013 and invited him right away to join us for a Jimdo session, since we are always interested in meeting the people behind the products we use!

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The Jimdo Sessions Episode 8 - How Sven Fuchs lost his beard with Mathias Meyer

January was pretty busy from the Jimdo Sessions perspective, as you see we already had two talks and there is yet one more to come. The headline might be a bit misleading, you could rephrase it as ‘How to make Travis CI a sustainable business’ but you wouldn't have clicked on that one right? In the 2nd week of January, Mathias Meyer from Travis CI just came along with an old friend Till Klampaeckel. First things first: food at ‘Chez Sam’.

We recently started using Travis CI for some of our private repos. As we do for our public repos for quite a long time! In doing so we also came up with a bunch of ideas on how to improve it, and we thought it would be fun for them to come and visit us! Oh and they also bribed us with a bag of their awesome Travis CI coffee. Mathias was also around for the Chef User Group we also hosted that evening, so I asked him to talk about the story of bootstrapping Travis CI.

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The Jimdo Sessions Episode 7 - Support at Github with Mike Adolphs

This time Mike ‘fooforge’ Adolphs from Github honored us with a visit. He is one of the Github Enterprise developers. He lives pretty close to our HQ in Hamburg, at least on the scale all the remote githubbers. We met Mike at the “Github from Scratch” Open Tech School workshop which a fellow Jimdude organized and also some of us helped as a coach. We quickly figured out it would be great to get to know each other better. So we invited him to see our offices and try our awesome lunch at ‘Chez Sam’.

As with every other visit we also planned this one with a lunch, but unfortunately Mike had to pass because of stomach issues, so he had to come back another day. Afterwards we reorganized our kitchen / meeting space so that Mike could take the stage to tell us a bit about support at Github Enterprise.

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The Jimdo Sessions Episode 5 - Docker with @tobstarr

Once again we had a visitor in the Jimdo office. This time Tobias ‘@tobstarr’ Schwab honored us with a visit and wanted to share his experience with Docker. At Jimdo we had played around with Docker for a while and tried to combine it with Vagrant and other stuff to make our development a bit more robust. We invited Tobias to talk about his recent experience with Docker.

Due to that fact that Tobias is also a Hamburg resident it was pretty easy to find a time that he could visit us, and he didn’t need much convincing because he had already heard about our chef, Sam, who cooks the most delicious food in Hamburg. So as usual we began this evening with a lunch at “Chez Sam”.

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The Jimdo Sessions Episode 4 - Automated Testing and Deployment with @admc and @sourishkrout

On the 17th of September we had Adam Christian and Sebastian Tiedtke from Saucelabs visiting us. Saucelabs is well known for their products regarding Quality Assurance, especially integration testing with Selenium.

After we had lunch together they gave three talks: One about Saucelabs in general, Mobile Testing with Appium and Continuous Deployment, which we all recorded for you. After the talks there was time for QA and discussing with Adam and Sebastian.

Adam Christian about Saucelabs

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The Jimdo Sessions Episode 3 - dalek.js with @asciidisco

Yeah, it’s been a while since the last post here. You know, we had a lots of things to do. First of all, there was the release of our awesome iOS App and then there was the summer break where lots of people enjoyed the sun, the clouds or whatever we call summer here in Hamburg.

Secondary, you might have noticed that it has been quite some time since we last wrote about our Jimdo sessions. In April we had @klimpong as a guest speaker, but unfortunately the video Gods weren’t with us so we unfortunately don’t have any recordings. But I want to grab this as a chance to say thank you one more time, to Till '@klimpong' Klampaeckel and easybib for their visit and  the insights to devops and all the amazing clound things they do.

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The Jimdo Sessions Episode 1 - CouchDB and with @janl

Jimdo invites top notch speakers from all over the world!

Last week Jan Lehnardt (aka @janl), lead-developer of CouchDB, co-organizer of visited Hamburg. He is well known for awesome talks and keynotes at various conferences across the world. So when we invited him to see the coolest company in town - of course he couldn’t decline.

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