The Jimdo Sessions Episode 8 - How Sven Fuchs lost his beard with Mathias Meyer

January was pretty busy from the Jimdo Sessions perspective, as you see we already had two talks and there is yet one more to come. The headline might be a bit misleading, you could rephrase it as ‘How to make Travis CI a sustainable business’ but you wouldn't have clicked on that one right? In the 2nd week of January, Mathias Meyer from Travis CI just came along with an old friend Till Klampaeckel. First things first: food at ‘Chez Sam’.

We recently started using Travis CI for some of our private repos. As we do for our public repos for quite a long time! In doing so we also came up with a bunch of ideas on how to improve it, and we thought it would be fun for them to come and visit us! Oh and they also bribed us with a bag of their awesome Travis CI coffee. Mathias was also around for the Chef User Group we also hosted that evening, so I asked him to talk about the story of bootstrapping Travis CI.

Travis CI was the very first cloud based Continuous Integration platform around and also showed a way to to build a company around a basically open source product and how to grow and be sustainable without VC money and that is that story Mathias shares in his talk.

Update: We are sorry about the little video glitches at the end. You know it was just the cam which didn't did its best job.

I’d like to take this blog post to say thanks again to the Travis CI folks for sponsoring us that coffee, it really is that good. Every single Jimdoer gave it a try and almost everyone loved it right away. We’re even happier that we had the chance to meet Mathias in person and had a chance to be inspired.

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P.S. I have to correct myself, I said in the introduction that he is the CTO of Travis I was kinda wrong because travis team page says he is “Director for Bacon Relations”.

Ole Michaelis Open Source Rockstar, @CodeStars

Ole began at Jimdo in December 2012, where he's referred to as "O Captain My Software Captain!" He has a wide range of interests as a developer (system architecture, deployment, and more), and he loves attending tech conferences, where his favorite thing to do is spread the word about Jimdo.