The Jimdo Sessions Episode 9 - elasticsearch with Alexander Reelsen

Wow, it’s the 9th Jimdo Session already. We came up with this thing really unintentionally, but everyone liked the format so we decided to keep it. For this edition Alexander Reelsen from Elasticsearch joined us for a Friday, together with his two colleagues, Britta (Machine Learning expert) und Honza (author of The Python Client).

We met him at the Developers Conference Hamburg 2013 and invited him right away to join us for a Jimdo session, since we are always interested in meeting the people behind the products we use!

Due to the fact that they visited us on a Friday, there was no lunch... but even better because every Friday we have our big company breakfast. Of course we invited them to celebrate this together with every Jimdoer who was interested. We have a lot of spare couches around and always fresh coffee at hand, so the Elasticsearch folks just hung around our offices for the Friday before they had to leave to grab their train.

Luckily for us Britta was there too, so our fellow Data-Scientist Michael had the chance to gather information regarding the Lucene’s Termvector, which can also be accessed within Elasticsearch now. As it turns out, the Termvector provides useful information in order to classify texts. In particular, the API provides information whether a term is common or uncommon, or whether a term is domain specific or not domain specific. Britta gave interesting insights into the Elasticsearch scripting language and on how to score documents based on the scripts.

In the afternoon Alex talked about Elasticsearch, it was a quick introduction to Elasticsearch itself and a deep dive into Logstash and Kibana and how to "turn data into dashboards” that was the mantra of this talk and he really fulfilled it. But check it out on your own:

That's all for now. But we already have more cool people scheduled for a talk. I'm absolutely certain they will feel honored to participate in the 10th Jimdo Session!

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Ole Michaelis Open Source Rockstar, @CodeStars

Ole began at Jimdo in December 2012, where he's referred to as "O Captain My Software Captain!" He has a wide range of interests as a developer (system architecture, deployment, and more), and he loves attending tech conferences, where his favorite thing to do is spread the word about Jimdo.